Reiki Master Teacher

Experience a new sense of calm, inner peace, and relaxation. Reiki allows you to deal with and let go of any negative emotions you have bottled up by bringing them to the surface.


Session - $65

  • Revamp and enhance your well being

  • Soothes pain, anxiety & fatique

  • Balance body, mind and spirit

  • Pathway to healing

  • Be repeatedly amazed by the incredible powers of Reiki and the benefits it brings into your life.

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Reiki Classes Youngstown Ohio

Reiki is a deep spiritual learning experience that involves many benefits. You begin at the level of Reiki Practitioner, which is focused on the first teachings of the Reiki systems. At this level the student will take part in their first Reiki Attunement. Once you reach the highest level, Reiki Master Teacher, you will have found the deepest connection to the Reiki source energy.

I am looking forward to helping you grow throughout this spiritual journey by passing on the teachings that allow you to channel this incredible source energy.

Reiki - Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki Classes

  • $200 - Reiki Practitioner
  • $250 - Reki II Practitioner
  • $300 - Reiki III ART
  • $1000 - Reiki Master Teacher
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Unconditional Love

Reiki is universal life force energy, which is essentially unconditional love. Reiki techniques have been practiced by millions for over 100s of years and are based on the simple principle that we are all guided by the same unseen life-force, a life force that governs our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

If we don’t deal with negative emotions such as sadness, trauma, anger, hate, depression, etc… they get bottled up inside of us. This leads to these negative emotions settling somewhere else in the body, causing dis-ease which will eventually cause sickness or disease.

Reiki opens up the body's chakras and by doing so brings the negative emotion such as trauma, and it’s memory to the surface for you to deal with. This will allow you to let go, and forgive yourself or the person who has caused the issue. Once you have let of the issue the body can begin to heal itself. For any serious medical or mental illness seek medical help and ask the doctor about if Reiki treatment is right for you.

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Different Reiki Techniques

Different techniques are used for specific reasons in each session. Some people may be looking to achieve better sleep, while others are pursuing a less stressful day to day life. Regardless of the reason, Reiki results in a beneficial effect every session. During a session your mind, body, spirit and emotions are treated as a whole. This results in an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love as wonderful relaxation sweeps over your body.

Different bottled up emotions lead to different effects throughout your body. An example of this would be when someone makes you mad. Whenever you think of the person that made you angry, you're reminded of this anger and you push it deep down resulting in physical problems. In this example specifically anger would cause liver problems.

Reiki Techniques

Let Go Of Negative Emotions

I think we are all aware that negative emotions are a part of our experience here on Earth. However we are all not so aware of how we can deal with or get rid of negative emotions, leaving us with heavy baggage that impacts our quality of life. Reiki sessions allow you to remove the energy draining effects of negative emotions & balance your body, mind and spirit.

Help Ease & Balance Your Body

Reiki allows you to remove mental, emotional, and spiritual blockage.
It is very important to heal physically and emotionally, otherwise you will find yourself unwell and unhappy. When a person is sick or has been feeling down it is stemming from an underlying issue within that person. The only way to heal the issue is to bring it to the surface and let it go.

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