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Tom is a certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. Tom has been providing successful outcomes through sessions since 2018. Hypnosis can help you use your subconscious mind to change negative behaviors.


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What Exactly is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis puts you in an altered state of consciousness for suggestions. Before we begin we start by asking questions and establishing underlying beliefs or triggers for the way you feel. You are then put in a deeply relaxed state, almost like a trance but you're still aware of everything that is happening. The hypnotist then communicates with your unconscious mind to challenge your limiting beliefs. This is then translated into your conscious mind, which leads to improving your actions and thought processes, as well as achieving your goals.

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Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a form of hypnosis that quiets your mind and puts you into a calm, peaceful state that allows you to access memories usually hidden deep in your subconscious mind. You can reconnect with past life experiences allowing you to understand why you feel such deep connections with certain places, people and things. Things from our past lives incorporate themselves into our current life. If you suffered a trauma in your past life, you have the ability to heal it. This form of hypnosis allows you to acknowledge and understand the key lessons learned in your past lives.

Akashic Records

(The Soul Records)

Akashic records, also known as “The Soul Records” provide information from the time your soul was created. You can reveal and learn from your past lives, present situations, and future possibilities as well. Akashic records are focused completely on the person whose desire is to access them. You can use these records for an endless amount of purpose, such as improving your current relationships, increasing your creativity, taking your business to the next level, and much much more. Some people will have a memory or feeling they’ve felt inside of them since they were a young child. Accessing the Akashic Records allows them to piece together information and experiences from all of our past lives, and gaining an understanding of them resulting in deep healing.

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Strengthen Your Self-Confidence

Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to dramatically increase your self-confidence and self-esteem levels. A hypnotist works with you to determine the factors that contribute to a low level of self-confidence, and re-trains your subconscious mind to develop new thinking patterns. This new feeling of confidence can result in massive improvements in every area of your life.

Take control of how you feel abo ut yourself and learn how to replace negative thoughts with unique positive affirmations. The number of sessions it will take will vary depending on individual circumstances. It is recommended that you partake in follow-up sessions to evaulate, strengthen, and reinforce your thought process.

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Hypnosis Benefits

  • Enhance Creativity

  • Improve quality of sleep

  • Stop Smoking

  • Stress Reduction

  • Weight Reduction

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Ease the trauma of child abuse

  • Not feel pain before surgery without anesthesia

  • + So Much More!!!

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