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Youngstown, Ohio
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What is a psychic?

A psychic is someone who can gather information from their senses or through intuition beyond the physical world. A psychic can observe the past, present, and future, then make predictions based on what they see, hear, feel, smell, sense, taste or through direct intuition. These abilites are most commonly developed as a child and strengthened through practice. Many people have this gift but have yet to become aware of it. It is important to remember that all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

Who should visit a psychic?

Everybody can and should go see a psychic! A reading can give you insight and help you understand past, present, or future events. Frequently people get readings to gather insight on love and relationships, career guidance, achieving their goals, and spiritual/inner guidance. People commonly visit a psychic when they are struggling with a situation or life has been full of trouble. The bottom line is if you've considered getting a reading you should go visit a psychic. However if you recently had a reading we suggest you check out our section on How Often You Should Get a Reading.

Tom Calhoun Portrait

Tom Calhoun

Tom first discovered his psychic abilities when he was still a growing boy. His ability to provide accurate readings and provide guidance in multiple aspects of someone's life gradually grew stronger and stronger as he learned to understand these feelings of intuition. He has now been providing psychic readings in Youngstown, Ohio for over 20 years.

What is a medium?

A medium is a psychic ability that primarily focuses on getting information from the other side, such as other realms & the deceased. Often times this person is a relative or close friend who has passed. Important information commonly comes through while sitting in a general psychic reading, but if you are seeking specific answers or guidance from the other side, then a medium reading is right for you.

How long are the sessions?

An average session is approximately an hour long. This time varies based on why you are getting a reading and the type of reading you are seeking.

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